Monthly Archives: June 2017

Why I Boost My Instagram Account

Okay, it’s not the most socially acceptable course of action, but I regularly buy Instagram likes. I can’t even tell you how it started for me, but I do know that people hate it when you admit that you’re buying likes or followers on social media. Some people work so hard on making sure their social media accounts are huge so that they can interact with thousands of people all over the globe. I just think it’s a dope move to show a Tinder honey my account and I have over six time as many followers as her. She starts to think to herself whether or not I’m a big deal. The only thing I have left to do is just not spend any time on my Instagram when I’m with her and boom, she’s instantly hooked.

It’s weird, people like people who people like. That might seem like nonsense but it’s true. Okay there are some people out there that just want to be haters, but you should just ignore them anyway. Most people want to be accepted by their peers and their betters. So when someone sees that I have as many Instagram, Twitter, and Vine followers as I do, they tend to think I’m a likeable guy. I am too, but I do boost my social media to achieve these things.

It’s the modern way of being vouched for. When someone notices that you have thousands of followers then they already want to like you because they know you’re good at being successful at things. While social media doesn’t really matter, unless you’re going into a career in a tech field, it does allow for you to be vouched for to strangers by strangers. People are funny creatures that way. There is a social cohesiveness to it all, social media really illustrates that well because people tend to stick with winners.

So every once and awhile I’ll buy some likes to boost a post. It will be a post that is deserving of a boost, I’m not just going to waste my money. The truth is there are not many long term benefits for these actions because you have to keep doing it over and over, it never sticks. Sure it would be a lot cheaper for me to spend a little more time on my social media if it’s that important to me. I just don’t want to spend the time to build my account organically because I’m lazy and I don’t care, but I do like the benefits of having big social media accounts. It makes me instantly credible to anyone I meet.

The psychology is simple: how can 15 thousand people be wrong? They can’t, can they? That’s the strategy I use everyday to advance my Instagram and my personal and professional lives. I would rather spend a little up front to have an easier time later on, but that’s just me! So yes, I do buy Instagram likes and I actively encourage others to do that same.