Some Benefits of Part Time MBA

e3Part Time MBA programs are structured to suit professionals who cannot afford to quit their jobs in order to pursue the degree. They are available in various universities across the world. The idea is to find the most suitable course. So what are the advantages these courses have over full time courses? Are they equally valued in the job market? Let us see who the suitable candidates for part time MBA degree are.

You might be working in a corporate organization and are aiming for a promotion. If you have a Master’s degree and your performance is satisfactory you are likely to be considered over those who do not have the degree. You might want to switch jobs but cannot take up a full time course to pursue the degree. You might not be able to afford the fees of a full time MBA degree. There are so many things that could drive you. Weigh the pros and cons of both before reaching a decision.

If you are taking up a part time course you can keep your job. That would ensure that the funds keep coming. If you are already paying of an educational loan this is sometimes the only option left. The thing about part time courses is that they focus on the education side of the course and cannot really focus on networking like full time programs. But, when you have a full time job you can always apply whatever you are learning in a real job setting. You cannot possibly learn so much in some training or internship.

Whether you take a campus based or an online part time program is up to you completely. While a full time program will take you 2 years to complete; it is often observed that students take anything from 3 to 5 years to complete these courses. That is usually because they have work and other personal commitments to take care of. Thus, a lot of people who cannot devote all their time in education and want to increase their educational qualification without having to give up on their jobs take these courses up.

The other advantage is also that the expense can be borne over a longer period of time. Lots of companies actually fund their employees to pursue part time MBA degree. Find out if you are working for such a company. Enquire about the criteria that make you eligible for that. Pursuing a part time course along with your job also reflects nicely on your career. Your employer will get the impression that you are dedicated and motivated.

You need to be committed to the course throughout. You should not let the fact that you have no fixed time frame make you lose focus. Finding the right course is also important. Consider all your options carefully. Evaluate the kind of opportunities these part time MBA courses are providing before deciding to invest. See if there are scholarship opportunities on the programs and if you are eligible to apply.

Tips to Make an Essay Appear

e2Being asked to compose an essay or write about a topic on a subject you do or don’t know much about can be tough and boring. So discovering the number of good words to round off the article could feel like you’re attempting to get hold over the words and achieving a presentable amount of literature. It isn’t a difficult job if you write smartly and follow the right steps. Here is a brief guide about making your essay appear longer than it actually is. According to any instructor, the quantity of your work can never beat the quality of work that you have written. It is better to compose a short, however, incredible paper than one that is long, in light of the fact that it has been loaded with irrelevant and nonsense stuff. There are different rules adopted in different institutions in respect of assignment formats. But there are some general rules that may help you in getting your desired length of the essay along with good presentation techniques too. There are a number of smart techniques related to the presentation of an essay or assignment written on a word document. The most common of all is the use of big font size. Although at a few institutions or places, there is a general set of rules defined for not using the text size of more than 12. But if such rules are not on, then one may take advantage from this technique too.

Formatting the essay

Formatting is a very effective technique which can increase the length of your assignment. First and foremost amongst all is the formatting of heading of the assignment or essay that you are writing. Type your name, date, class, institute name and the title of the essay on the upper right corner. Also, write the title of the essay on every new page that appears (title and page number can also be adjusted in the header of every page).

Line spacing of the essay

The most genuine and smart technique to make your text look bigger in content, apply the option of line spacing to the whole text. You can apply line spacing on your word document by clicking the option of line spacing under the Home option. It is the most feasible that you stretch your text from size 2 to 2.25. This does not look really different from 2 but it gives a whole lot of difference to the overall content.

Change the margins

Another technique that can be applied to a word document is the use of options to change the margins of the page. An effective tip to play with the margins is to change the margin at the bottom of the page. It’s the easiest yet effective way which does not make much difference to the size of the page, but overall helps you out in making the length of essay appear longer.

Character spacing

Character spacing is not commonly used, but it can be helpful. It basically enlarges the distance between each word. This is the way of making your essay writing task easily done by hire paper writer from a reputable website.

Some Unusual Tips For SAT Test Prep

e1SAT test will test your strengths and weaknesses. If you wish to prove your best you will have to be ready with your test prep. Hence, it is important that you go through several mock tests. But, if you want to be ready for any kind of test, you will have to be done with your studying. In order to prepare you will need a study plan. When you look out for the tips on organizing your study plan, you will find it very saturated as nobody has nothing new to share.

Here are some interesting tips shared to help you for the SAT prep:

Take up Reading:

You will have to read and keep yourself updated about all the unusual subject matters. It will prepare you for attempting the reading comprehension passages. Majority of the students are bogged down with the unseen passages in the SAT test. This is why you should increase reading as a part of your SAT prep. Begin reading with the passage and stop mid way. Try to interpret the author’s argument. Go to different sources of reading to discover unknown or unusual content to read.

Strengthen the Lexis:

No, you haven’t applied for the spelling bee but for the SAT and you need to build vocabulary as test prep. Don’t cram every word that is in the dictionary. In your reading routine, you might stumble upon new words. Jot them down and use them once in a day. There are two advantages of learning new words or phrases. There is a ‘sentence completion’ in the SAT test, where you can show your rich vocabulary. Most importantly it will help you breeze through the comprehension section. This simple habit can pull up your SAT score.

Writing Practice:

It is not easy to master the art of writing the essay in 25 minutes and proofreading it for edits. However, with practice, you can find it easy to deal with any topic as an essay. You would know how to structure your essay and put out your best even in the most stressful situation. Hence, you should be practicing to write more often. Every learning center trains their students by offering different practice topics. Go a step further and hunt for topics that you can practice on your own. You will have to be ready to go out of the way for your test prep so that you shine over others.

Math Rules:

Learning center will help you with math sections by giving you formula and theorems. Memorize each principle and formula. Practice them often as they will save your precious time during the actual test. You will not have to recollect them at the end moment and feel dubious. Practice math everyday and you can outdo others at the test. Also, it is best to use a calculator than doing mental math. It will save your time and offer accurate answers. This means you will have to practice with your calculator.

Why I Boost My Instagram Account

Okay, it’s not the most socially acceptable course of action, but I regularly buy Instagram likes. I can’t even tell you how it started for me, but I do know that people hate it when you admit that you’re buying likes or followers on social media. Some people work so hard on making sure their social media accounts are huge so that they can interact with thousands of people all over the globe. I just think it’s a dope move to show a Tinder honey my account and I have over six time as many followers as her. She starts to think to herself whether or not I’m a big deal. The only thing I have left to do is just not spend any time on my Instagram when I’m with her and boom, she’s instantly hooked.

It’s weird, people like people who people like. That might seem like nonsense but it’s true. Okay there are some people out there that just want to be haters, but you should just ignore them anyway. Most people want to be accepted by their peers and their betters. So when someone sees that I have as many Instagram, Twitter, and Vine followers as I do, they tend to think I’m a likeable guy. I am too, but I do boost my social media to achieve these things.

It’s the modern way of being vouched for. When someone notices that you have thousands of followers then they already want to like you because they know you’re good at being successful at things. While social media doesn’t really matter, unless you’re going into a career in a tech field, it does allow for you to be vouched for to strangers by strangers. People are funny creatures that way. There is a social cohesiveness to it all, social media really illustrates that well because people tend to stick with winners.

So every once and awhile I’ll buy some likes to boost a post. It will be a post that is deserving of a boost, I’m not just going to waste my money. The truth is there are not many long term benefits for these actions because you have to keep doing it over and over, it never sticks. Sure it would be a lot cheaper for me to spend a little more time on my social media if it’s that important to me. I just don’t want to spend the time to build my account organically because I’m lazy and I don’t care, but I do like the benefits of having big social media accounts. It makes me instantly credible to anyone I meet.

The psychology is simple: how can 15 thousand people be wrong? They can’t, can they? That’s the strategy I use everyday to advance my Instagram and my personal and professional lives. I would rather spend a little up front to have an easier time later on, but that’s just me! So yes, I do buy Instagram likes and I actively encourage others to do that same.

Tips For Exam Preparation

It’s that time of year again. The time when the bats and balls go in and the books come out from hibernation. The time every student has come to loathe. It’s exam time. Exams can feel daunting to the best of us. We all have the fear of sitting in the exam hall, looking at the question paper and feel all that we have studied turn into a jumbled mass of letters and words that don’t make sense. But here are a few ways to beat the examination blues and pass with flying colors.

• One of the first things to decide is when to start. It is always best to start early so you have enough time to let everything you studied sink in. Don’t put off studying till the last minute. Your brain needs time to digest what it just learnt and process it before it can recall it for the exam.

• Plan your schedule by making a timetable for yourself. Divide your course load so you give a reasonable amount to each subject. Allot a little extra time for the areas you find tough.

• Making notes and writing down the key points help you memorize topics better than if you just read them. Highlighting important parts of lessons saves time when you are revising what you have learnt

• Be creative when it comes to memorizing. Create a story or poem using the key words so that you won’t find topics boring or hard to remember. Abbreviations and tabular columns go a long way too.

• Organize a study group with your friends. Set a goal for the day and be sure to reach it. Studying with others is a great way to have fun while you learn.

• Don’t buckle under pressure. Keep cool and focused at all times. Worrying about the exam and being stressed out is not going to help you.

• Take breaks whenever you are feeling overwhelmed. Go for a walk or listen to music. A Good night’s sleep is a must. You can’t study if you are high strung without proper rest.

• Repetition is the key to remembering what you’ve learnt. Recall the day’s study before you go to bed.This cements the information in your brain and makes it easy to remember.

You can do it. The exams are nothing to be scared about. Prepare well and the beast won’t seem too scary anymore. The most important tip of them all is to believe in yourself.
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Tips to Make Your Foreign Study Program Easy & Successful

Nowadays a great proportion of students desire to move abroad for higher studies. The reason behind this is the adventurous experience that students get by studying in a new place. But we all know that is very difficult to survive in a new place especially when you’re young. If you’re also thinking to move abroad for continuing your higher studies than you’re at the right place. Take a look at the information shared below to grow your career in a new place.

Know the admission process

In order to study in a foreign college or university you will need to take admission in a reputable educational organisation. If you have a favorite college so you can acquire information regarding to its admission process to get admitted. According to a recent survey based report it is proved that students who get information regarding admission process earlier always get admitted in a reputable organisation. Therefore you should kick off your admission process earlier to grow your career with a better organisation.

Get a visa

After securing admission in a reputable educational organisation, it’s vital for students to get that place visa. Visa requirement of every country is different therefore you’re recommended to interact with nearby embassy of the country in which you’re interested. In addition you can use the power of the Internet to know the visa requirement of a particular country. In this way you will easily obtain the visa of your desire country to grow your career with foreign qualification.

Construct a financial plan

We all know that it’s quite expensive to live in a new place to study. It is observed that students who develop a financial plan before moving abroad cover up their expenses easily. Keep in mind to develop a proper plan by including all expenses that you will need to cover to earn a foreign qualification. Otherwise it would become hard for you to meet all expenses of a new place in a smooth manner.

Start early

Last but not the least to study in a new place you will need to fulfil a number of formalities that would cost enough time. Yes you will need to start your foreign study program process at least six months before to meet all requirements. Hopefully by reading the information shared in the above section you will easily secure your career in a new country. Don’t forget to share the information of this passage to your friends who want to study abroad.

Tips to Write Your Dissertation Proposal in a Proper Way

Dissertation Proposal is an important piece of writing before you write your final dissertation and therefore you need to follow a proper structure to be able write a proposal in a better way.

A dissertation proposal is basically a small piece of document which describes what you intend to discuss in your final dissertation. It requires the answers of certain questions, give theoretical background as well as methods of research along with possible outcomes. Dissertation proposal is not some kind of essay or article but it actually discusses arguments to prove writer’s research and point of view. It is an important piece of writing and when you are working on it, you can get help from advisers. Here in this article, you can learn some of basic but most important things about proper proposal writing.


Title should be simple and short and don’t try to make it unnecessarily long as this may not draw the attention of the people. Stay to the point and try to describe more in less words and if you do keep it short, it will definitely work in a better way.


You need to create a list of your basic objectives which introduce your main proposal but keep in mind that the list should have less than 3 objectives because more are considered too many. Having more objectives will not allow you to focus on major ones and you may loss grip on the topic.


You don’t have to follow a specific word limit but you can use as many as you need to describe your major ideas and main study areas clearly. However, you better keep yourself in a limit as using unnecessary words may make your dissertation proposal uninteresting.


When it comes to this section, you need to highlight certain areas of your research and you would definitely like to magnify main ideas discussed earlier in research question. Give special focus on this section as it covers the significance of your research.


This section describes the kind of study going to be conducted and how this all will be done like what kind of information or data need to be obtained and used in dissertation. Moreover, how the integrity will be controlled and what techniques can be used. This is really an important section and it will convey relevance of information obtained during research. You will include complete details of the procedures or instruments which will be used.


This section gives you space to describe possible outcomes but of course you are simply predicting on the basis of your research work and it is not necessary that the outcomes must be 100% accurate. Therefore, you need to predict about the best possible outcomes.


You may also need to include timeline in some proposals as the timeline helps in managing overall dissertation research. There are different types of tools and maps which can be used in your proposal but when you are working on timeline, make sure to give it a realistic look.


Bibliography is not usually required in dissertation proposal but if you are required to work in this section, you need to create a list of references which will be used in your dissertation.


All the above mentioned factors will enable you to write your dissertation proposal in a proper way and therefore, you need to understand each one of them clearly before you start working. Keeping a proper structure in focus will allow you to give your best.

Some Benefits of a School Garden

Does your child’s school have an active working garden?

Research is repeatedly showing how critical school gardens are to your child’s health and overall educational experience. Not only will your child learn science and math… which is great for his/her brain, but your child will also reap the benefits of fresh air, exercise, and exposure to direct sun light! Not to mention, there will be good fruits and veggies to consume!

Here are some benefits of having a school garden:

1. Help increase Vitamin D levels. With reduced recess and lack of outdoor play, children’s Vitamin D levels are falling across the board. One of the best and free sources of Vitamin D is… the SUN! And Vitamin D is turning out to be a potent cancer fighter. Actively engaging in the school garden for 20 minutes is a great way for your child to get that much needed Vitamin D!

2. Increase the new-age Vitamin “G” – green space. In a recent published article for the National Recreation and Park Association, Dr. Francis Kuo of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, “found that children with ADHD who went for 20-minute walks in park settings performed as well on concentration tests afterwards as children who received common ADHD medications.” Outstanding!

3. Seasonal, local, organic and whole (SLOW). There is no denying the research behind SLOW foods and their superior nutritional benefits over packaged, processed, cooked foods. “Studies have shown that fresh produce loses nutrients quickly during transportation. During the trip from harvest to dinner table, sugars turn to starches, plant cells shrink, and produce loses its vitality.” Eating fresh from the garden preserves more the vital nutrients, which helps build healthy cells in your child’s body.

4. Children like to eat what they grow! There is nothing quite like putting a seed in the ground, watching those first two leaves sprout up and eventually seeing the results of tender love and care of a plant that grows and blooms. Curiosity is an inherent facet of all children… and they are far more likely to be more curious and taste a fruit of vegetable they helped grow.

5. Gardening is physical exercise! Planting, composting, weeding and watering all take physical effort. With fewer and fewer minutes of playground time and less outdoor activities by children in general, the incorporation of a school garden can extent children’s physical activity during any given school day.

Should You Know About Uniform And Education

Several schools in the US and beyond are beginning to institute uniform in hopes of controlling student behavior and dress. Some may argue, that uniforms are unneeded and do more hurt to students then good. However, those for it have a good point too. It is come to the point of where it is a matter of opinion whether to have uniform or not, with both sides having valuable arguments.

Uniform, many point out, is taking away the freedom of expression the Constitution gives to us. But is it really affecting your expression? Supporters think not, in fact they believe that it takes attention off what you are wearing, and puts it into deeper things, such as personality and attitude. In this logic it forces you to look beyond appearance, and cuts down bullying because of clothing. And interview with student Jacelyn Blair pointed out that, “I really don’t think they cut down on bullying at all. Kids will always find some reason to pick on someone.”

In an interview I conducted with two people, each on different sides of the argument, I gained some valuable insight. Ashelin Walker said, “Price on uniform is high, considering their general low quality. It doesn’t really help poor families like people say.” Mrs. Kenner, a teacher at my local school, pointed out that “The latest trends can get expensive, and students, especially teens, will “have to buy” something. In this way, it prevents students from buying, let’s say, $100 dollar jeans.” Uniforms supporters say that it encourages discipline and increases school pride. On the other hand those against say that uniform is are an unfair, additional expense parents have to pay.

In the end it has come to a matter of opinion, with both sides having valuable arguments. While many think uniform solves many problems, there are those who believe it will open a rift to a whole new world of problems. The question of uniforms being good or bad is controversial, and like many other such issues will be one for a good while yet.

Let’s Learn How Higher Education Contributes to Economic Development

When a young adult pursues higher education – also known as tertiary, post-secondary or third-level education — the reason or reasons are usually personal. Some students pursue this level of education simply because having a degree under their respective names helps bring respect and good image. Likewise, some student pursue higher education because they are aware that by having at least a college degree, their path to the future is clearer – better jobs, higher pay and improved lifestyle. In short, students pursue tertiary education because it contributes to their personal development.

On the other hand, does higher education contribute to economic development? How does it make contribution to economic development?

Take the case of South Korea. With almost no natural resources to exploit, South Korea was able to become a developed country with a high-income economy. It is ranked 15th in the world in terms of nominal GDP. It is now the fifth largest economy in Asia. In the past half a century, South Korea was an input-driven economy, but now, it is a knowledge-based economy.

Much of the economic growth in South Korea has been driven by knowledge. The country is among the top OECD countries investing a large percentage of their GDP knowledge, which includes field of higher education, software, and research and development. As early as 1950s, public third-level schooling started to rise, followed by beginnings of private higher education in the next decade. In the next two decades, South Korea promoted science and engineering programs. In the 1990s, the country’s focus was quality assurance, research and development, and performance-based funding.

As tertiary schooling in South Korea advances, the country’s economic development also accelerates. The Asian country has overall supported post-secondary schooling as a means to accelerate economic development.

When more students pursue higher education, economic growth could be seen through personal and public channels. Those who have pursued this level of schooling typically have job prospects, higher income, and a wider ability to save and invest – leading to better health and improved quality of life.

These personal gains, however, may not be too personal at all. When citizens of a country gain, the society also gains. Higher incomes also mean higher tax revenues. Higher incomes also mean greater consumption and greater demand for different products and services inclusive in an economy. With growing demand, businessmen will have greater incentives to invest to produce and introduce their products and/or service. This will lead to creation of more jobs and a rise in infrastructure projects in a country. The influx of investments into an economy also bodes well for the government as it means higher income from taxes and other regulatory fees.

Higher education graduates, armed with knowledge, skills and higher income, could help encourage entrepreneurships. Small and medium businesses are also a vital part of the economy as they do not only mean higher revenue from taxes but also more jobs for the less-educated ones.

Economies could also benefit less directly from higher education. For instance, higher education produces well-trained teachers, which in turn could improve the quality of compulsory education in the country and provide those non-college graduates to advance economically. When universities and colleges produce a crop of quality graduates, they are also helping build and secure future for younger generations.

Directly or indirectly, higher education does contribute a lot to economic development. As a country places emphasis on encouraging its younger generations to pursue this level of formal learning as well as on investing heavily on it, it is planting seeds for economic development.

More Information About Planning For Construction

Construction is one of the fastest growing businesses in today’s era as more and more developmental activities are being planned and formulated. Construction covers up every part that is related to building or making thing.

With increasing technology the constructional process is also getting much easier and efficient. The work gets less complicated and people don’t have to use much effort and force. Constructing anything requires lot of planning and organizing. One needs to have complete concept about the particular project before starting any kind of construction business.

Constructing houses, bridges, tunnels and buildings needs to be done based on principles and construction techniques. It is not an easy task as many times the construction sites are hazard-prone areas and the builders should be more careful. Constructing certain artistic building is not a big deal and it needs to be said that construction has become a problem in rural areas.

As the population increases the people need more housing areas and facilities which lead to construction of apartments and building for settlement even in small spaces and area which makes the city areas very crowded and difficult to live in. So building only certain houses is not important proper planning should be done as well.

Now if we talk about remote areas, most of the houses are usually made by people themselves using local materials but the main problem is constructing bridges which connect them with more developed areas. In many cases we have seen in televisions and through online that many people living in rural area have to risk their life simply to cross a single bridge and get to next village. It’s a maddening thing to see that human life means so little but can we do anything to help them?

Constructing requires both technical and practical knowledge. It can’t be done through providing information only, it must be done through common effort and there must be a supervisor who has all the knowledge about the process involved before carrying out the plan.

Only very few people have access to knowledge and ideas about construction process. So, one of the website that works and helps people in need is Practical Answers. They have offices in many developing countries and provide information through online and the people involved in this organization visit different parts and help them. One of the brilliant examples of their work is construction of stone-arched bridges which is one of the most useful articles.

This website provides technical information service to many people and targets to eliminate poverty. It is a concept which has led to change the lives of many people around the world through its information service. Working together we can also definitely take advantages of the information that are provided in this site about constructing bridges in rural areas to the materials required.

Overall, information can be gathered from many places but it needs to be understood that providing information only is not sufficient, people need to come together and help each other to achieve success. These types of organization are doing amazing work and we must take the most benefit from it help to solve the problems of really under-privileged people who live under such extreme circumstances then only we will be able to make difference.